A Visual Storytelling Approach With Creative Explainer Video Production

Explainer videos are highly effective content for business marketing. They can help skyrocket a brand’s customer awareness and maximize website conversions. Reportedly, among 600 people, 89% mentioned watching an explainer video that convinced them to purchase a product or service.

A few videos attract marketing objectives that are better than the rest. Given the massive range of video styles, it is easier to fall into a form of analysis paralysis. This leaves you wondering which highly effective one to use for your current marketing campaign or business.

In our post today, we are beginning to cover the types of explainer video production that can help your business grow.

Effectiveness of Explainer Videos

Research has found that customers are astoundingly responding to videos in the best way. Around 96% of the buyers have watched the explainer video to learn more about how the product or service operates before making an online purchase, with 81% of businesses confirming that the explainer videos increase sales.

Irrespective of the size of your business, try investing to create explainer videos that can help you as follows:

  • Showcase to people what you would do and how you would assist them.
  • Building better brand awareness by creating robust connections with the target audience.
  • Generating hype while driving traffic to the landing page or website.

Types of Explainer Videos

A Corporate Video Production company can help you create various forms of explainer videos. When choosing a video to make for the brand, try considering the kind that showcases your product best.

1. AI Explainer Videos

AI videos are highly scaleable and affordable explainer videos that you can create. There are numerous ways in which AI helps you make a video; however, the most popular is to flow from the ideal throughout the way to the video in a couple of clicks.

There are video makers that start to generate a script, breaking it down into video scenes that need less input as you need to fill in every detail about the audience and topic of the video. It even has numerous pre-designed video templates, creating AI-based explainer videos in half the time.

2. Character-Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are the ideal option whenever you need to deliver an intricate message in less time. They are also the perfect choice if you wish to create a light-hearted, fun-filled video in a distinctive style.

Character-driven animations are one of the fantastic forms of explainer videos. They are seamless for understanding and making the best ideas memorable. Additionally, the characters become on-screen friends. A conventional animation style behind explainer videos is using vector animation with stylized and cleaner characters.

3. Live-Action Explainer Videos

The live-action explainer videos are the ideal pick if you wish your video to appear more relatable and personal.

Frequently, the live-action videos showcase products or services that are in action with a presenter who is using products getting filmed from varied angles. You should include the screencast video illustrating a task or the actual walkthrough of the product or service in the educational videos or digital products and services with the help of Animated educational videos. It is the form of an explainer video, forming the prominent way of launching a service or a startup.

4. Screencast Explainer Video

Screencast explainer videos are seamless and the most potential way to guide the viewers with the help of digital processes. You can start creating videos for users at different levels to illustrate the series of steps or online actions. They form the cost-effective kind of explainer videos.

It involves recording the screen while indulging in the process you wish to explain. You can speak throughout the steps while you are recording and why.

5. Timeline Explainer Video

A timeline explainer video will help walk the viewers through the development of the company’s objectives, history, product development, or KPIs.

The timeline explainer videos include components like snippets, live-action video recaps, animation or motion graphics segments, and marketing video releases. They are versatile in application and tailor-made to internal and marketing communications.

6. Kinetic Typography Explainer Videos

Kinetic typography forms the subset of animated explainer videos using text movement for expressing emotions, ideas, and narratives. These videos make the written word exceptionally visually vibrant. The tactics will help engage the audiences into an engaging and rhythmic experience that is the best whenever explainer videos are required to deliver a potential message.

However, you need not make animated explainer videos with words jumping nonstop on the screen. You can start creating the motion graphics explainer video using kinetic typography whenever you wish to boost the narration with a few visual cues in conjunction with several other animated components.

Create The Best Videos Today!

While mentioning the initial phases, you can consider every form of explainer video as a distinctive flavor. Since you will never season the steak you have on your grill with sugar, it does not indicate that the salt becomes the choice each time, especially with explainer video production.

Our innovative team at Tad Video Production delivers the best content-reviving marketing efforts whenever a brand needs a formal video shoot or a couple of frames. The high-quality imagery and top-grade distribution strategies will add new life to your campaigns. Connect with our experts today to create highly engaging explainer videos explicitly tailor-made for your brand.